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Caroline tells klaus about damon fanfiction

By the time season 4 was wrapping up, Klaus's popularity as a character (along with that of Elijah and Rebekah) saw them getting their own spin-off series. So, he mostly stopped appearing on The Vampire Diaries but was needed in the season 4 finale when Damon had to be healed from a werewolf bite. Klaus didn't answer any calls but showed up in the nick of time, decapitating a witch who.

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Stefan, Elena, and Caroline realize that if an Original is killed, their entire vampire bloodline dies. Stefan goes to negotiate with Klaus and finds Damon bloody and half-conscious. To Damon's disappointment he brings eight of the stakes with him in exchange for his brother.Klaus compels Damon to admit there are actually eleven stakes in total. Caroline Forbes is a vampire and one of the main female characters on The Vampire Diaries. She's the daughter ofWilliam Forbes II and Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes. Prior to her transition into a vampire, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly withElena. She is best friends with Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert andBonnie Bennett. She is also close.

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2022. 7. 29. · Klaus and Caroline first met when he turned her werewolf boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood, into a Hybrid. It all started when Caroline received a hybrid bite from Tyler. Klaus quickly hurried to her side to save her from a tragic death. Caroline did not want his help, believing that he would gladly watch her die but honestly he didn't never wanted.

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12 Moons {Klaus Mikaelson x Caroline Forbes} Niklaus Mikaelson is the feared Original Hybrid King of New Orleans, ruling the kingdom of the night with an iron fist. Well Caroline Forbes is a reporter trying to save a sinking relationship. She does not expect that on a trip to New Orleans, trying to save her relationship, the hybrid would kidna.

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2022. 7. 4. · Roxanne Gilbert is a protagonist and the main female character of the fanfiction You Found Me. At 19-years old she's really experienced a lot and seen things she can never unsee again. She's a young human doppelgänger girl and the older sister of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert. Before she left Mystic Falls at about 17-years old she never knew about the supernatural. When.

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